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Steinway grand piano renovation for musicians, institutions and concert halls.



Violinist Joshua Bell and pianist Frederic Chiu performed on July 11, 2008 for the Minnesota Beethoven Festival. Mr. Chiu played the Festival's recent acquisition, a 1930s Steinway 'D', SN 275188, recently restored by Joel Lidstrom.

Serge Rachmaninoff and Alexander Scriabin were about eleven years of age when Steinway 'D' 47562 left the Steinway factory for its concert home in Steinway Hall.  126 years later, the instrument makes its Ravinia Festival debut in Garrick Ohlsson's performance of music by Rachmaninoff and Scriabin at the Ravinia Martin Theatre.


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"I was very excited to play Mr. Lidstrom's 1883 Steinway. . . It is incredibly gorgeous . . . a magnificent example of both the piano maker's and cabinetmaker's art. The sound is as beautiful as the case, and I wish I could have it in my home--though it perhaps belongs in the concert hall.                                                                     --Emanuel Ax


". . . a great piano [with] a superb action, a huge range of colour, remarkable clarity and a beautiful, lyrical tone . . . expressive  and remarkably reliable in the pianissimo range.                                                         --Angela Hewitt


". . . an instrument that reaffirms my love-affair with the piano."                                                       --Garrick Ohlsson

    Read about the piano's remarkable history here.  

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